Idil A.

March 10, 2023

I found this company from a list of evaluators given by my employer. I looked at the recent and decided to give them a chance. I prepared the necessary documentation and it mailed with the payment Everything was just on time and very very professional.

Before and during the service, I was very glad to connect with the customer representatives and evaluators via e-mails and phone calls. Each time I could reach out  to them easily and got satisfying responses in short periods of time. Especially during the COVID period, I am glad that FCSA made things easy for their customers and accepted the scanned documents as well.

I got e-mails to inform and update me during all the steps of the process (arrival of the documents, missing document information, PDF version of the report to be overviewed and approved, mailing and tracking information).

My evaluator was Estella, and she was very helpful and quick during the whole process. She answered all my questions and explained every bit of information I’ve needed. She made the necessary corrections and guided me to find solutions to my questions.

Overall, I am so glad to have used FCSA. The work was meticulous and just on time. I will definitely recommend FCSA to others and if I need any other reports, I will contact with them again.