Foreign Credentials Services of America (FCSA) is a strong supporter of and contributor to AACRAO EDGE, the Electronic Database for Global Education, the only juried resource on foreign education credentials in the U.S.


What is EDGE?

EDGE is the only viable national reference point regarding international credential evaluation in the U.S. today. As the only system in place for the review of credentials for the purposes of establishing placement recommendations, it provides valuable information for institutional decision-making in international recruitment, admissions, academic placement. and the evaluation of international transfer credit.
EDGE is independent, rigorous, fair, and based on best practices in the field. Country profiles are extensively researched by professional evaluators using primary sources. Grading scale translations and placement recommendations represent the consensus expert opinion in the U.S. and are vetted by the International Education Standards Council (IESC).
Each EDGE country profile includes:
  • An overview of each country’s educational system
  • An educational ladder detailing the common educational pathways
  • Common grading scales used within the country with US conversions
  • Academic credentials and placement recommendations for US placement
  • Institution lists, verification resources
  • Glossary of educational terms


FCSA experts’ role in developing EDGE

AACRAO recognizes and honors FCSA founder Dr. William Paver for his contribution to the field of international education through the development of The Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE). Dr. Paver oversaw development of the initial software and content framework of EDGE, and helped organize the team to create the EDGE Database. Current FCSA experts participate in the writing and editing of country profiles within EDGE.

The original EDGE development team consisted of Gloria Nathanson of UCLA, Robert Watkins of UT Austin, Johnny Johnson of Monterey Peninsula College, and Dale Gough from AACRAO. This team was also the first iteration of the International Education Standards Council (IESC).

In coordination with experienced professionals in international education and AACRAO staff members, this group developed the initial country profiles with generous support from The Paver Family Foundation, which maintained and funded the project through its development.

AACRAO has expressed its appreciation for the work of this team and to the Paver Family Foundation.